The main differences betweencarpet and rugCleaning ServicesHillingdon</p><p> 

The main differences between carpet and rug Cleaning Services Hillingdon

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As you might already know, carpets and rugs are two different things. However, a lot of the times people use the wrong word in the wrong instance. Carpet cleaning pretty much refers to cleaning installed wall to wall carpets. While, rug cleaning is a little more about cleaning movable/removable rugs that could be rolled up. In this article, we will be going over a few of the main differences between these two Cleaning Services Hillingdon and we’re going to discuss the benefits of each.

Main technique used for carpet cleaning services:

– Hot water extraction process

This is the prime method that’s used to get out all kinds of dirt, allergens, and dust.

Main treatment used for rug cleaning:

– Hygiene

Rug cleaning is different from carpet cleaning because they need to be treated for different kinds of odour damages that could be due to pet urine and other problems. These rugs are sprayed with a sanitizing detergent that kills off any sorts of bacteria. Then, the rug is placed in a neutralising solution which breaks down the heavy alkaline salts that are located within the urine in order to allow for a better removal of the residue of the urine. After it has had time to sit in this solution, the rug will be rinsed off and placed in a piece of equipment that works as a wringer to effectively remove all of the water that has been left standing. This last part of the process effectively reduces/neutralizes the emitting odour.

Benefits of carpet cleaning services:

1. Gets rid of trapped pollutants

The hot water extraction technique will be able to effectively get rid of any kind of trapped pollutants that you have sitting in the carpet. This will make your home a much healthier place to live in.

2. Enhances air quality

By vacuuming the carpet’s surface, you are going to be able to enhance the overall air quality within the home.

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